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Annette’s blog

Welcome to my blog.

In this section I write about topics that play a role in and around a separation, about needs, values ​​and feelings. It gets personal here. That’s why I’m on first names basis here with my readers.

Toxic relationships

Partnerships are based on mutual attraction - inexplicable, magical, all at once. What everyone desires most deeply is an "attraction of inspiration" fed by benevolence, affection, eye-level and security. But there is also that other kind of attraction...

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The real reason why you are nagging

Sometimes everything just gets to be too much: The bread crumbs in the kitchen, the worn socks in the bedroom, the open lipstick in the bathroom, not to mention toothpaste out of open lids or all the stuff around the house that could use a refill – you've...

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Pamper yourself

You're an achiever, aren't you ? You perform all your duties, as an employee, a father or mother, as a partner, in institutions as a social being. The household is running smoothly, the children are fine, the daily program is always set. And there is...

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You’re special

You are special, unique, a sparkling diamond. Beautiful, smart, warmhearted. You have many wonderful qualities, many strengths, a few endearing weaknesses, you are an all-out wonderful human being. Someone special.This is a deep conviction of mine about...

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Widen your heart – be generous

Generosity is a very essential human trait and behavior. A trait that many seek from their partner and friends, that some actually find while others painfully miss generosity. Generosity allows so much: development, giving and taking, a nourishing sense of...

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Your (ex) partner is narcissist

Narcissists are people who appear charming and confident at first sight. But they are in fact deeply insecure and blame everyone else for everything. Denying their own mistakes and twisting facts. The need for permanent recognition is like the air the...

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Who makes you happy?

Happiness is a strange notion sometimes, isn´t it ? Are you feeling happy right now? Sometimes we don´t, sometimes we do, but that’s not a given. We think of happiness as something fleeting and often we look for it in outer appearances or we expect other people to make us happy. This can put a heavy burden on a partnership.

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