Dr. Annette Oschmann - Zertifizierte Coach für Conscious Uncoupling

»Conscious Uncoupling Coaching« – The individual coaching for conscious separation

Help with divorce or break-up

Divorce! Break-up! Everything is turned upside down: your partnership, the well-being of your children, your environment, the circle of friends, pressing financial questions, who should live where, must you give up your familiar environment in addition to the partnership? I know you are in a personal life crisis as hard as it can possibly get. I feel your desperation, the thousand questions that are buzzing in your head and disturbing your sleep. You need help with your divorce or separation.

So many questions and situations: Are you experiencing a divorce or separation?

Are you experiencing a divorce or break-up? Then you may find yourself in one of the following situations, with all your questions and concerns:

  • Has your husband separated from you, out of the blue? Were you a couple or just parents confined to doing a great job as a team? But who have lost yourselves and each other gradually in the process unnoticed?
  • Or have you been arguing for a long time, has it made you tired, are your children suffering, has all family life been damaged? And break-up is what’s left?
  • Did you and your partner split up years ago, but you never completely recovered from the break-up? You found a new partner, but this partnership did not last long? It gnaws at you, and you ask yourself “what’s up, what’s wrong”?
  • Or has your separation long passed, but you were never again able to talk sensibly to your ex-partner? Any attempt at communication tears small wounds and you do not get proper rest?
  • Do you have children and fear the separation will also be at their expense? Nothing is more important to you than the welfare of your kids. Do you want to avoid the separation becoming a bad experience for your children?

Life can be full of uncertainty right now. That will not stay that way. You have great courage, even if you do not believe it right now.

»(…) which is currently regarded as the measure of all things in the USA: Conscious Uncoupling (…)«

Robert Pölzer, editorial of the printed edition Bunte 19/2017, on Bunte Online on 03.05.2017

Get Your Life Back: Conscious Uncoupling Coaching – Individual coaching for conscious separation

There is a healing way to cope with the severe separation you are experiencing right now: Conscious Uncoupling Coaching. In this individual coaching I deal with all topics that are keeping you busy – and I will go far beyond. Because my goal is that you emerge strengthened and safe from your separation, that you, your children and ideally also your ex-partner can cultivate a constructive relationship, that the world becomes more colorful and happy for you than you are now able to imagine. That you may unfold and develop yourself anew, maybe rediscover yourself and above all, become whole again: yourself, strengthened and confident. Get your life back!

Certified Coach for Conscious Uncoupling

The separation coaching method “Conscious Uncoupling” was developed by Katherine Woodward Thomas, a marriage and family therapist in Los Angeles. It consists of 6 sessions leading to new strength and new development after/around a separation.

I have been trained and certified by Katherine Woodward Thomas. As a Certified Coach for Conscious Uncoupling I am among the first in Europe to bring this coaching method to Germany.

Conscious Uncoupling Coaching in Germany: I am your CU coach.

Conscious Uncoupling Coaching Sitzung, Einzel-Coaching für bewusste Trennung

Heal your heart!

Heal your heart. I am your companion, only concerned with you, your well-being, your wellness/welfare, your personal growth, your new beginning, your heart. I´ll be the companion who gives you the space to be yourself and realign in the process. I will help you find your own, very personal answers to the questions above. And much more: we identify patterns of behavior that block you in partnership. We´ll change those patterns for your benefit. I will show you ways to deal with your former partner in mutual respect and dignity.

»Contrary to popular belief, time does not heal all wounds. We do.«

Katherine Woodward Thomas, New York Times Bestselling Author, “Conscious Uncoupling – 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After”, New York, 2015

Consciously ending a relationship – Conscious Uncoupling Coaching

In Conscious Uncoupling Coaching you consciously end a relationship – for yourself, just for your own sake. Conscious Uncoupling Coaching is:

  • An individual coaching in 6 steps that helps to live through a break-up in a dignified and respectful way,
  • a one-on-one coaching that helps you to emerge from the role of victim and to regain your own strength,
  • a one-on-one coaching that enables the separation process to be carried out consciously and mindfully for the benefit of all, especially when children are involved,
  • a clear way for couples to be aware and respectful of each other even after break-up,
  • an efficient way to new strength and self-knowledge, but no therapy (coaching versus therapy).

Let’s assume I am your Conscious Uncoupling Coach.

I accompany you.
I care.
I listen.
I ask questions.
I encourage.
I lay open.
I hold you.
I am comforting you.
I challenge you.
I cheer you on.

Let’s assume I am your Conscious Uncoupling Coach.

You deliberate.
You pause.
You look back.
You look ahead.
You feel.
You sense yourself.
You revel.
You dream.
You design.
You recognize.
You decide.

»Through Conscious Uncoupling we can transform the deepest disappointment into a sacred journey from sorrow to peace.«

Marianne Williamson, New York Times Bestselling Author

Buch von Katherine Woodward Thomas „Calling In ‚The One‘ – 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life”

New start after separation or divorce

Conscious Uncoupling Coaching is your first step towards a new beginning around a break-up or divorce. I appease your agitated feelings, we talk about what moves you, you release inner blocks that still prevent you from enjoying your life to the fullest. I understand you, I hold you, and I carefully identify with you what was, what is, and of course, what can be. This clears the way for a better future in which love will start playing a bigger role again for you. Of that I am certain.

»I’m no longer tied to the sofa, trusting my intuition again and standing in the middle of life.«

Andrea K., 42, commercial clerk