Dr. Annette Oschmann - Mediatorin & zertifizierte Coach für Conscious Uncoupling

What should you know about me?

I am 50 years old, married and have three sons. I am a joyful family person out of conviction. But I also know about the “ups” and “downs” in everyday life: caring and worry, joy and tears, trust and dissociation. I know family is an orbit full of color. And there are no schematic solutions.

I like to do walking, quite often actually, to get some fresh air and energy in nature. I also enjoy reading and photographing a lot. Fresh and simple food wets my appetite.

My circle of friends is very important to me: I enjoy appreciative and inspiring conversations in familiar relationships.

I know what suits me and what does not, and that is exactly what I wish for you in your conflict, break-up or divorce.

And I know that’s possible.

Dr. Annette Oschmann - Mediatorin und Conscious Uncoupling Coach

My Heart Path to becoming Mediator and Certified Coach for Conscious Uncoupling

My career path is unusual, but doesn’t that hold true for the heart’s ways ? I have been working as a lawyer for twenty years. This is a piece of brain work I do not want to miss. Structure and focus are qualities that are enormously important for me also in mediation and individual coaching.

Compassionately towards a viable future

However, something was missing in my legal work: emotions and compassion. That’s why I’ve been a mediator for six years. This has opened up completely new, fulfilling possibilities for me to empower people in conflicts. I am deeply gratified by seeing how beneficial an interest-based solution in mediation is for both parties. And what is most beautiful: the deep sigh of relief when the burdens of the past are mastered together and in mediation the view moves forward into a viable future.

A healing process – From heart-break to wholeness and growth

From my mediation practice, the question lingered on: How can I support the individual even better to cope with a break-up? Separation or divorce are shattering experiences that can affect and traumatize you as only the loss of a loved one can.

That’s how I discovered the Conscious Uncoupling Coaching of Katherine Woodward Thomas:

A healing process – From heart-break to wholeness and growth!

As a certified coach for Conscious Uncoupling, I now offer this individual coaching in Germany.
Because your emotional well-being matters to me!