Anyone in a working environment knows that not everyone is always in a good mood. There are personal hang-ups, fluctuating moods, short bursts of anger or distress, but by and large, most people recover quickly and continue to perform normally in the workplace.

If your colleague is experiencing a private separation, these things are different. Hardly anything drives down your professional performance more than a separation or divorce. It is only rivalled by the death of a partner. The consequences are equally grave: the affected person is inattentive, lost in thought, not on the job. The immune system is often at a low point, he / she becomes more susceptible to illness. Also the psyche suffers enormously: sadness, melancholy and depression can be the result. And it happens that the once so balanced employee starts becoming unpredictable.

Break-up is a private matter. Many people do succeed in keeping it apart from professional matters. But separation is existential. That’s why some people suffer longer than others. Because physiologically, human beings are creatures of affinity. What is so biologically entrenched in the human brain bravely opposes a separation. As long as someone hangs in this loop, the view to the future is blocked. Therefore, a conscious and sustainable separation is important for life to continue in a self-determined way. It ends suffering for the individual in both its private and professional roles.

What becomes an issue in small and medium-sized companies is that there are often rather few key employees. Integrated, reliable, appreciated. Then a separation happens in their private lives, and this employee is only a shadow of his/herformer self. For small businesses this can be a tremendous challenge … or, in the best of cases, a cue to leave beaten tracks in dealing with employees troubled by personal breakup.

Some people succeed in managing a breakup for themselves. Others are grateful for external help: they can quickly get back on their feet in terms of efficient and time-efficient separation coaching, restating them to their full potential, at work and beyond.

Conscious Uncoupling Coaching, the individual coaching for conscious separation, leads to new strength and personal growth in or after a breakup in six clearly defined sessions. It involves processing of the most intense emotions, it lights the path back towards self-responsibility, new perspectives and constructive communication.

This will benefit the coachee personally and directly.In his private life to begin with. But new skills and strengths, personal growth and development are also transmitted into the workplace with positive effect. All the personal qualities needed to cope with breakup are appreciated here: self-responsibility, initiative, balance, cooperative communication.

A person at peace with him/herself (again), can also perform (again) to the best of his/her capabilities. A win-win situation.

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Picture credits: Pixabay/Lukas_Rychvalsky