You’re an achiever, aren’t you ? You perform all your duties, as an employee, a father or mother, as a partner, in institutions as a social being. The household is running smoothly, the children are fine, the daily program is always set.

And there is always something to do, isn’t that so ?

In light of all of this – when was the last time you actually thought of yourself? Your personal break built into our modern life. The little time-out to enjoy, do nothing and let go, experiencing oneself, exploring your desires and needs.

Hit the off button, deliberately. Leave everything where it is. Not that things will get done automatically then, they´ll just still be around. Just don´t look at them, but rather look at only you:

Spoil yourself!

Spoil yourself with something that makes you happy. Chocolate with cream, a beach chair in the sun, a hot bath with unreasonable amounts of foam, a candle at dinner, the shoes you can afford but do not dare to wear. Go to the stadium with friends, paint on a big screen, unrestrained netflixing, and on and on it goes.

Spoil yourself with time, with things, with hobbies. Leave your bad conscience behind for a moment, even better: do not feel guilty. It’s your decision, it’s what you stand for as a person. If you pamper yourself, you are with you. You are perceiving yourself, you are taking yourself serious. Being authentic. Through all of this you are actually doing a good service to yourself and the ones around  you.

In a partnership, this is essential for an affectionate togetherness at eye level. In a separation, this is the very first step of processing and healing.

Pamper yourself. You cannot treat yourself in any better way. In turn, this will also be beneficial for the ones who surround you and need you.

Picture credits: Pixabay/silviarita