Woman in Sunshine

You are special, unique, a sparkling diamond. Beautiful, smart, warmhearted. You have many wonderful qualities, many strengths, a few endearing weaknesses, you are an all-out wonderful human being. Someone special.This is a deep conviction of mine about human beings. But do you believe that too?

To be small is easy and comfortable. You cannot be this, cannot do that, and you may be keeping a long list of deficiencies / shortcomings on yourself.Know what? Write them down, all your shortcomings. And then shred your list, with pleasure and pure delectation. Because the list is not right. The truth is:you are special.

American author Marianne Williamson spoke wise words which have become familiar to many of us. Here´s an excerpt:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.” (From: A Return to Love)

That goes for you, that goes for everyone. You’re special. Become aware of your power.

Your own power to recognize your own value carries you much further. Anyone who appreciates themselves is also perceived differently by his/her own partner in a partnership: The appreciation of your partner begins with you. You’re special. Go see for yourself!

And conversely, as long as you do not value yourself, hardly anyone else will. Not even your partner, from whom you may long for nothing more than appreciation and esteem.

Appreciating yourself has nothing to do with mindless egoism. Much to the contrary: those who value themselves are at peace with themselves. And he/she who is at peace with him/herself, is relaxed and can give generously.

You’re special. You may start seeing it that way too, now that you´ve given yourself permission. And then watch your world change with you.


Picture credits: Pixabay / jill111